Lynnwood Retrievers

 Lynnwood’s Browning Shoot Me Straight


Our boy Boss, has recently joined our Lynnwood Family.  He is just a pleasure to have with us.  He is a real happy boy. He has an outstanding pedigree of hunting champions and intelligent dogs within his family.  Playful yet knows how and when to behave.

Has to be next to you no matter what you are doing.

Strong muscular build, 70 pounds of love, kindness and tenderness.

 He has a sweet gentle nature about him. You can see the kindness and love in his eyes and smile.


Boss comes from an outstanding pedigree of titled hunting dogs.  Beginning with his father, grandfather and great grandfather. They all hold the title of Master Hunter (MH). Not to mention a few FC, AFC as well.

Boss, continue to is work diligently on his obedience with hopes of one day holding a title of his own..

Boss seems to feel the most important task of the day is fetching up the bumper.  Unless he is following behind the tractor.