About us

Welcome to Lynnwood Retrievers

ColbyAs a child I was always an animal lover. I remember bringing home any kind of animal or little creature that was in need of a home or not!  Growing up as a child we always had Labs. Our dogs were everything to us. Our family was involved in breeding when I was a young girl. 

At some point during the time of rearing the puppies and helping to take care of them, I decided I wanted to be involved with animals. I knew then I would have a house full of Labs when I was on my own. My childhood memory has always been the unconditional love and friendship that was offered to me as a young girl by our family of Labrador Retrievers. 

I felt compelled to carry on our family tradition. I wanted to offer that same wonderful childhood friend to someone else.  I proudly and respectively started to continue the Labrador Retriever breed over 25 years ago. 

Through our small, private breeding program we have the wonderful opportunity to offer excellent healthy companions to other loving families.

All Lynnwood Retriever dogs are AKC registered, some are Double registered, AKC/UKC.

Lynnwood Retrievers is a proud and reputable AKC breeder of Labrador Retrievers that has been inspected and is in Compliance and meets the standards of  AKC regulations.


 Lynnwood Retrievers is also proud that many of our puppies have gone onto be great Hunting Dogs, Field Champions, Obedience and Agility Competitors,  Search and Rescue, Canine Good Citizens and of course that wonderful Family Companion and most of all “Best Friend”.


               Labrador Retrievers have always been known for their high intelligence, and trainability. Their temperament is second to none. After all, they use labs for Seeing Eye dogs and Therapy dogs…. Search and Rescue and in the military protecting our troops. 

Labs are an “All-Purpose” dog.  They are able to go from the great hunting dog one minute and then into the home as your family companion the next.

MVC-017S           We are not a multi-breed kennel. We are a proud member of the Ramapo Kennel Club

       Our goal here at Lynnwood is to produce the highest quality Labrador Retriever possible.

We feel that with the careful rearing and the happy well socialized environment which puppies need to start life begins here in our home.

We are located in the picturesque mountains of Northwest New Jersey.   

   Just approximately 35 miles north of New York City.

Contact us with any questions.